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Food: Strawberries with Greek Yogurt

 Hello again,

Here is a fresh, simple, healthy recipe to share with your family and the most important: avoiding the calories of the sweetened cream.

Oh, and please take a time to find me a brand new name for my future brand: the older one have been hacked and sometimes connected with virus and other not so good stuff. I love Flor Handmade it! Is not so original but it comes out.

Good appetite,


Crochet: The yellow flower

Hey beginners,

Here is a a good excuse to get started: the yellow flower. Easy, easy, easy.



Find Madeleine!

 Questions for you

Do you know the story of Madeleine? Please, google it or see it here:

Should I provide more links? Do you feel safe?

Help to find these children and thank you for not putting them and the children of their creche in risk. There is something called Google maps, Gps, abduction, cars, motos, insecurity. 

Do you have kids? Family? How do you feel about it? Can you see the price?

Good job. All the best and find Madeleine!


Must go shop in Luxembourg City

Hi, People

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Welcome all my new followers: I follow back!

It is already August? Not yet!
Bored in Luxembourg? Don`t be.
Please, take a trip to the wonderful Shop in Catus Hobby:
Ok, I have to admit:  I love aquariums and fishes but there you can see the real Nemo and his friends:-) in a huge space with everything you need to make your Pet`s life easier. Take a look and remember: be happy (you´re alive!)



My new granny square pattern

Hey there,

I´ve been working hard because I have self-imposed deadlines to get all work done. In the meantime I made this beautiful square to be used in girly gifts and souvenirs. What you think? I love these colors together.

Follow me, if you want the step-by-step. I need more time take pictures of the process.

Please not: do not use my patterns for commercial purposes. It is for personal use only. Thank you for your understanding.

God Bless America.

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