#STARWARSBattlefront Defending the pod-9/15 waves

Hi there,

Happy New Year and show some love! I love playing video games with my family. What about you? Do you play any kind of games?

Let me know. I want to try new society games.

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Disneyland Paris: and the winner is...

...this show of cars and motorbikes!

Hello😊 and please don´t go yet.

We had a very good time at Disneyland Paris and we want to share with you some of these moments. If you are planning to go there, my advice is:  take at least 2 or 3 days. There are so many magical things to see and to do for the entire family.

Take a look in some of this moments and enjoy your weekend.




About FIFA World Cup Russia 2018...


There are so many ways to teach our kids about the world and about one of the most important sports: football. The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is over but we still looking for Panini stickers.  I guess Panini has a global strategy for missing stickers.🙈🙉🙊🙊
So, if you can help us, please get in touch!

Happy summer,




Happy international day of neighbours: Granny Square Bag Free Pattern With Tutorial

Hello world,

Today is the International day of neighbours. In Europe, we celebrate this date every last day of May.  The idea is bringing together people next door, but my special one is already inside my home, my life. She is part of my family. I can`t live without you, sweetie. Thank you for all.

I wish all of you could have a person next door like my special neighbour. I found this celebration a wonderful excuse to spoil my fave neighbour. So, I`ve made the perfect gift for her summer.
( She told me :-)

It`s an easy project and low cost. The final result is amazing and fits most of the Girls from 10 to 100 :-) yep...I swear!

All you need is to use your basic skills of crochet and find the perfect yarn. Mine is "trapilho" or polyester with nylon (I am not so sure), basically. I really don`t know the translation for this kind of yarn but instead of making two big grannies like I did, depending on what kind of yarn you will choose, make four or eight grannies as long you get a fashion and cool summer bag.

In the following pictures, you will find the tutorial in pictures of the hottest neon summer bag. A hot trend this summer!

Happy day, Happy weekend,


Step 1: Choose carefully your material. Ask your beloved one what kind of colour you should buy. Don`t spend money, time and energy with things that people don't want to.

Step 2: Make two simple grannies.

Step 3: Make all the rest of the pieces and start to put them together.

Step 4: The final result must be like that: An amazing neon summer bag measuring 30cm x 30cm. I hope you like this easy and quick project! Calling all beginners. Yes, you can!