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Welcome, Summertime!

Happy summer, everybody. 

And Happy "wintertime" for my friends in Brazil, South Africa and Latin America

I wish you a lot of love and lemonades:-)


Fashion: hottest trends in France for Summer 2012


Let´s take a look inside the French Glamour of June 2012 with Liv Tyler in the cover.
There we can find the yellow trend color (my favorite trend for this summer), plissed/pleated clothes, culotte, and Rihanna as gangsta Diva.



Crochet: Colorful coasters for colorful cups

Are you celebrating the summertime? I hope so.
I´m spoiling my kitchen and my table with colorful cups and colorful coasters designed and made by me, off course! That´s my (one of many others) way to celebrate the summer:-)

See you,


Cross Stitch: Peace

Hello and thank you for being there.

I missed my blog:-)
One of my dream travel is Tokyo. Inspired by this city I´ve stitched this ideogram for a requested greeting card. According to site this single character that means balance, balanced, calm, peace, peaceful, calm, equal, even, level, smooth or flat in Chinese, Japanese and old Korean: you decide. Yes, you decide:-)  And remember: in Japanese means only flat or level. This one is not the best choice for a greeting card if you major audience is Japanese.
Only good reasons to love my job: always learning, knowing, searching, designing, redesigning.