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Food: How to make sushi rolls?

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."
                                                                                     Albert Einstein

Good Monday

I don´t have the answer (not yet) but I will make the perfect sushi roll one day with the help of this site . I swear my attempt of sushi rolls was much tastier than it looks:-)
With all my apologizes to all Japanese people and chefs, I tried to do California Roll Sushi ( )  and the Classic Sushi Roll with conserved tuna fish (lol) ( ).
Please, if you have tips to improve my skills in this field, let me know. And is too short!

Enjoy and happy week,



Cross Stitch: Most popular quotations

 Dear Readers,

For this weekend I suggest one of my brand new patterns/charts for one of the most popular quotation used to put away the haters around you or with you...or coming soon (yes, they are everywhere, anywhere, LOL): "Don´t hate the player, hate the game." It´s also nice to remember us that rules sometimes seem not to be fair and that´s why I wrote Players, in the plural. But you can make it in the singular.
We can not "To kill a mockingbird" just because he flies better than haters, can we?  Forget about my interpretation and find out other good ones here:'t+Hate+The+Playa%2FPlayette+Hate+The+Game  Smile!
Pick up your favorite color, find a nice frame and a good place to show off your new project. I hope you like it and stitch it.

Happy weekend,



Fashion: Crochet jewelry in neon colors

Good Wednesday,
Take a look in this personalized crocheted collar, inspired in the colors of the Ukrainian flag where this gift belongs to. The collar fits very well in formal or informal outfits.

Happy day,



WIP: Crocheted squares in neon colors


I`ve told you that I am a neon-maniac. Lucky me, I have projects where I can use my obsession in a creative way:-)

Good night and sweet dreams,



Lifestyle: How to make homemade ice cream...

...for kids and family.

Hey, hey
Are you spending well your week? I hope so!
Its almost Summer time. Time for ice cream. I know you feel guilty when your kids ask for ice cream. Obesity, cholesterol, processed fats makes you think twice. I`ve found a way, I mean a cheap way, to let them eat ice cream as a game and in a healthy way. I can assure you that is a very good ideia. My family loves.

All you need is favorite yogurts, colors and 40 minutes in the freezer. Done!




Fashion: My neon color scheme


I must confess: I am totally obsessed over neon color. I made these wallpapers for crafters and crochet addicts. I hope you like, girls.

Thanks for reading,



Free cross stitch patterns for beginners

Hey Stitchers

These patterns will be fine on pillows or walls. Yes, walls. Just give a try and let me know. As soon is possible I will post a finished one. Enjoy stitching.

God or somebody bless you,



Stay calm and eat fruits!

Finally is Friday and we are going to spend more time at home with our family. 
Do you want a better way to spend your precious time together than eating avocados with red fruits?  We all know the benefits of eating fruits, so please, accept my suggestion and be happy, thin and healthy. Mix the avocados with sweet milk and mix the red fruits with a little bite of sugar. Do not use any sugar in case of diabetic issues. Then serve as you want or as you see in the picture. 

Happy weekend,



Crochet: crocheted set for baby girl


The set of soft pink ballerinas and tiara are ready and I am very happy with the finishes. The green ribbon gives the special touch. Now I am thinking in a similar design for baby boys. Twins, to be more specific.

Take a look and happy day,


Food: Cappuccino and Chocolate Muffins

Good Friday

Let me suggest for this weekend Cappucino and Chocolate Muffins in the new cupcake design by IKEA: it is a must eat muffin:-) We need only 15 to 20 minutes of 24 hours to make this recipe. So, there is no excuse to not make your family and friends happy:-)
In the site we can see other 41types of muffins and send our own recipe too. Click here to see the recipe:




Lifestyle: How to fight loneliness

Hi, there

Nobody needs to be alone. Everybody has somebody. Follow my tip and let me know your new life. No, you don´t need to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, simple things are more appreciated than other things or expensive things. Just do my desert, find a good movie or program on tv or something to talk about and invite your beloved one. Do somthing! It can be your sister, your son, your employer, your dream man, your bestfriend, your colleague or anyone you want to. Remember: the most important thing is your intention to share moments, simple and good moments like your yogurt with fruits. Repeat the process to keep loneliness away!

Good luck,


Crochet: My top model

Hello, Dear
How was your 1st May holiday? For us it was another lovely working day because I really love my work.
I tried my new ballerinas pattern for baby girls in a soft pink color. My top model...I mean, my baby boy helped me, staying calm and posing for photos. I love him so much:-) 
Just stay in touch to see the final result of this project.