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My source of inspiration is from the entire world!

Voilá, take a look: I buy magazines when I am traveling but some friends help in this "mission"! Now I have Magzines from Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, USA, Finland, Singapore and China. If you want to help, please be my guest:-)

नवजात शिशु उपहार, christenings, जन्मदिन, माँ और बच्चे को उपहार के लिए बिल्कुल सही है, और अधिक 


Organizing...Earrings and Rings!

Well, I found that I don't need too much to survive  and I really need to give up some excess of bijou. After a hard selection, here is what i need to accessorize myself: some flowers and color... oh, yes, I love colors!