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Fashion: Cross Stitched Ballerinas in Neon Colors travelling now!

Hello Bloggers, Followers and Readers

Happy 1st May. I wish you a lot of work and joy, off course. Here is the finished ballerinas. They are travelling now to a country where the mother´s day is celebrated on the first Monday of May.
In Luxembourg, mother´s day will be celebrated on the second Sunday of June, 12.  Find more about the mother´s day around world in this link:

Lot of hugs,



Food: Pumpkin Soup with garlic bread

Hello mothers and food lovers:-)
From times to times, I heard mothers complaining about their children´s appetite.  As mother of a 3 years old  boy I do research to find out the best way to make him eat healthy foods like this Pumpkin Soup with garlic bread. Find more tips to make you preschoolers children eat  here: 

The recipe for the soup was taken at and used my imagination to make my son eat cerise tomatoes:-)

Gudden Appetit,


Reading: Copyright and Image Use


As a new Blogger I try to get informed about the best way to share what I am doing, what I like, what others like. But sometimes this can be copyright violation. So, read carefully this post
There you can find thousand of tips to improve all your blog ideas. Thank you very much
If you are a brand new blogger like me you must read it. Let´s do it better:-)

See you,


Illustration: The Still Pretty Girl!

Thanks God is Friday:-)

Did I told you about my love for illustration? Oh, yes...I am a multifaceted woman:-)

Who said hair frames the face? Not in this blog, not with this young woman, fighting a breast cancer. From my point of view she can use my brand new design of make up using neon colors and a crocheted chic white flower in her bald head to become the prettiest girl on the block.

Take a look to the process:

1. I have a ritual to design and arranging all colored pencils by shade is the first step. In the meantime I can imagine, visualize what I am going to do.

2. Then I prepare only the material I will need at the moment.

3. Starting my "STILL A PRETTY GIRL"...

4...Finishing with a touch of chic crochet.

5. The Pretty Lady started to smile and said: "I really need to find a very nice frame".

6. I said: "Anyway, Still a Pretty Lady, with frame or without a hair frame".:-). Remember to fight cancer InStyle!

7. A close up to the chic crocheted white flower.

To all women in the world, fighting cancer now, I wish you all the best and get well soon with a flower in your beautiful bald head.

Still Smiling, 


Fashion: Cross Stitched Ballerinas in Neon Colors

Good Wednesday People,

Here is one of the projects what I´m working on: Cross Stitched Ballerinas inspired on the pattern of my portfolio cover by I´m glad to share with you and thank you very much to the owner for letting me post here her dream ballerinas.  

See you soon,


Happy Easter Gourmand: Chocolate

Every crafter, artist or designer has an accurate eye for beautiful and tasty things and reading the newspaper on my way to the posts, I saw original eggs of chocolate, chocolate, choooooocolate for a happy, happy Easter. 
"Luxembourgers are, with 7.2 kg of chocolate consumed per capita per year, the fourth largest consumers of chocolate in Europe". Source:

So, my next step is to find a out where can I learn how to do all that eggs.


Free Cross Stitch Pattern: Roses

Hello, Beginners
Here is a very, very easy Cross Stitch Pattern of my own. As soon is possible, I`ll post my finish, ok? If you decide to stitch, please send me a picture or let me know.
Best stitches,


Crochet: gift for new mom done!

Hello, readers
This little jacket (my own design) will keep warm a newborn baby, Jamie. It is very practical and cozy at the same time,  perfect for the Springtime. The neutral color fits very well in boys or girls. 
See you soon, 



Vintage: 1851 - 2011 The SINGER brand has 160 years.

 I´ve found these old sewing machines walking around the city center of Luxembourg. Probably has more than 100 years. Here you can see the new old model at Singer site
If you have a Singer you can share your story here read storys and also take a look in the first model of Singer. 

Happy Easter,