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Vintage: Leopard print in the 60´s

Dear Reader,

I must confess my love for the fashion of the 60´s. Fashion comes back as seen on Burda Magazine (from German) in 1962. Keep everything in your closet. Here is the evidence and I arrest my case!

If you find this image astonishing, say yeah!!!


Destination: Luxembourg!


No, I am not representing any travel agence:-) but I would like to show one reason to visit us: the ZEN place!

At first sign this is just a an ordinary bar with "McDonald's" reflecting in his window. Keep reading...

But the first client came in style...

...and another...oops, it´s just an aquarium. The perfect zen place to meet your family, friends and colleagues after work or in vacations because... you can drink "Crémant" with them! Are you convinced NOW? I hope so. LOL

Do you have something like that in your city? Can you show us?

Have a wonderful week,


Fashion: One clutch, different looks!

Hello Dear,
My creative side looks like a crazy "why not" artist. A why not artist is somebody who is not a afraid of design and sew a clutch for a top executive woman who thinks the world is black and white....sometimes even grey. Well, I kept the black and the white side of her "really" busy days but she also accepted "some" stitched colors!

 Here is the "single" Clutch, made with a discreet and chic black and white fabric.

I get the information about her love for Brazil. So
here is a crocheted brooch with colors of the
Brazillian flag.
But I want to keep the lady satisfied returning for some classic one: Black and silver brooch.
Another coming out of color for the sunny days.

For those days when she is feeling girly in a man´s world: put some rose on it!

Yes, she sexy, too in a red light. I mean, the clutch. LOL.

For the 60`s look: Yellow and Violet.

She wants to preserve the planet: go green, Girl!

Definitely, she is a lucky girl: a boyfriend offers something unique and personalized made especially for you? Lovely man.

Dear Reader, please take a look and tell me what you think about it. She loved the clutch, according to her boyfriend. I love that kind of challenge, especially when the client is happy about it.

Post you soon,